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I'm Sewell Stephens, owner and founder of Krastie AI. If you wondering why I started Krastie AI, it because Jasper and Copy AI are priced so high for what they do. If you sick of the price of everything, try Krastie AI. 50% cheaper and same value.

If you wonder how this is possible, well ChatGPT API cost a few cents per API call. Yes only a few cent a call. Although it does add up, it shouldnt cost as much as it does for Jasper or Copy AI.

I'm on a mission to bring affordability to business software one software product at a time. If you support this mission, support me today by creating a Krastie AI account and upgrading your account as needed. If this product succeeds, I'll be more motivated to create more software in the future and continue the mission of affordability. Thanks to anyone who upgrades to making this journey continue.

Sewell Stephens

Sewell Stephens founded Krastie AI with years of experience making software.

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